Episode 6: Witches in Inferno (1980)



Zena’s working on a new film project!
Ashlee recaps Monster Mania Con 31

Theme Discussion Witches

Witch Way To Hell: The Top 13 Witch Flicks
The ‘Black’ Witch Of Salem
The Faculty of Horror podcast: Witches in Film

Film Discussion Inferno (1980)

Fangoria’s Stream to Scream: Dario Argento’s “INFERNO”
For the love of smoke and mirrors: Dario Argento’s Inferno (1980)
Witches, Murder, and Sadism: The Need To Rescue ‘Dario Argento’

Minorty Report Rating-
Ashlee – 1
Zena – 1

Zena & Ashlee’s Recent Watch Recommendations

Zena – Almost Mercy (2015)
Ashlee – Cooties (2015)

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