Episode 11: When Animals Dream of 2015

Is there something on my chin?


Ashlee at the 4th Annual Black Comic Book Festival in Harlem
Zena’s having a vlog revival! We’re both happy about this.

Theme Discussion Our Best & Worst in Horror of 2015

Zena’s Top 5 Worst Horrors of 2015
Ashlee’s 2015 Film Recap

Movie Discussion When Animals Dream (2015)

Queen Skulls Rating-

Zena- 2 1/2
Ashlee- 4

Minority Report Rating-

Ashlee – 1
Zena – 1

Recent Watch Recommendations

Ashlee: Maggie (2015)
Zena: Lyle (2014)

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One thought on “Episode 11: When Animals Dream of 2015

  1. I really liked Last Shift but it kinda ended in a big whimper which was disappointing considering how good and creative everything else was.
    This year i’m starting to write down all the movies i watch for the first time so i won’t forget 90% of them.
    If you want to suffer through another embarrassingly bad horror movie that looks like it was directed by a porn director go watch Hellbent by Paul Etheredge, i don’t know how i managed to finish this one (though i did Enjoy Angel of Death he did starring Zoë Bell).
    I always assumed the townspeople killed Marie’s mother, but now you have me doubting. But i think Marie assumes she was murdered.

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