Episode 12: My Blaxploitation Valentine

I thought cupid was a baby!


It’s Women in Horror Month!

So Tyler Perry’s making a horror comedy. Eh. But check out the funny #MadeaHorrorMovie hashtag Ashlee started!

Real Queen Of Horror’s MadHouse Monday’s Film: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies vlog is available now!

Plus, her XBox One giveaway ends March 1st.

Theme Discussion Blaxploitation Horror History & Favorites

Hot Chicks, Cool Dudes and Bad Muthas: Crime Time’s Definitive Guide to Blaxploitation

What is Blaxploitation horror?

Movie Discussion Valentine (2001)

Queen Skulls Rating-

Zena- 2 1/2
Ashlee- 1/2

Minority Report Rating-

Ashlee – 1
Zena – 2

Recent Horror Screenings

Ashlee: Ghost Graduation (2012)
Zena: The Fury (1978)

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