Episode 13: And the Oscar Goes To… The Witch

I'm kind of a big deal.
I’m kind of a big deal.


Go watch Zena’s vlog reviews for The Witch & Ratter

Graveyard Shift Sisters is nominated for a Rondo Award

Ashlee & Zena finally meet at Monster Mania!

Theme Discussion Horror at the Oscars

SpectreVision: Elijah Wood’s Plan to Get a Horror Film to the Oscars

The Oscars tribute to horror films

14 Oscar Winning Horror Movies

10 Horror Movies That Actually Won Academy Awards

16 Horror Films That Were Snubbed By The Academy Awards

Movie Discussion The Witch (2015)

Beware upon ye spoilers!

Dread Takes Many Forms: Reading the Entrails of The Witch

‘The Witch’ and Female Adolescence in Film

Black Phillip: The Real Story Behind the Breakout Goat From ‘The Witch’

Queen Skull Rating-

Zena – 4 1/2
Ashlee  – 5

Minority Report Rating-

Ashlee – 1
Zena –  1

Recent Horror Screenings

Ashlee: Southbound (2015)
Zena: 10 Cloverfield Lane (2016)

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One thought on “Episode 13: And the Oscar Goes To… The Witch

  1. Hello!

    Yes, I was listening, I did vote for you in the Rondo Awards, and I’m still trying to get my head around “Southbound”.

    Another great show. Couldn’t agree more, regarding the Cinema snobbery towards Horror – especially when it’s one of the purest genres for communicating aspects of philosophy, psychology, and of the human condition in general – but I guess it was ever thus…

    Liked by 1 person

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