Episode 14: Horror Comedy & Hush

That's NOT the pizza guy.
                  That’s NOT the pizza guy.



Zena’s new audio series, After Midnight!

Zena at Spooky Empire & her purchases.

Graveyard Shift Sisters, Attack the Block DVD Giveaway

Black Girl Nerd/Graveyard Shift Sisters meet up at Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse

Ashlee’s guest hosting Nightmare Fuel Episode 7 & 8

Theme Discussion Comedy in Horror

Do You Prefer Horror-Comedy or Comedy-Horror?

What Horror and Comedy Have in Common

 The 15 Best Horror-Comedies Of All Time

Movie Discussion Hush (2016)

Queen Skull Rating-

Zena: 5
Ashlee: 4 1/2

Minority Report Rating-

Ashlee: 1
Zena: 2

Recent Horror Screenings

Ashlee: The Invitation (2015)
Zena: Girls School Screamers (1986)

Send questions and comments to GirlsWillBGhouls@gmail.com

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2 thoughts on “Episode 14: Horror Comedy & Hush

  1. Terrible: Love Zena, but Ashlee is possibly my favourite person in this life. Real casual, like.

    Seriously though, she’s my mirror if I looked that good.


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