Episode 19: Halloween Special

                                                             Parents betta have my candy!



Ashlee went to Fantastic Fest; “San Diego Comic Con for horror fans.”

Zena’s been hitting up Florida’s hottest Halloween attractions and comes home with an interview with Scott Swenson of The Vault of Souls in downtown Tampa!

Ashlee & Zena discuss the first trailer for Jordan Peele’s horror film Get Out.

Theme Discussion The Halloween Film Franchise

For facts & fun on the Halloween franchise, Ashlee recommends the Banana Laser podcast Halloween retrospective.

Movie Discussion The Changeling (1980) & Tales Of Halloween (2015)

Queen Skull Rating-

The Changeling
Zena: 3
Ashlee: 2 1/2

Tales Of Halloween
Zena: 2
Ashlee: 2 1/2

Minority Report Rating-

The Changeling
Zena: 1
Ashlee: 1

Tales Of Halloween
Zena: 2
Ashlee: 2

Recent Horror Screenings

Ashlee: Ouija: Origin Of Evil (2016)
Zena: TV series, Dead Of Summer (2016)

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